New England will bounce back this week. I originally thought that Houston was going to be a pretty tough week, but now I am not so sure.

Chicago is going to continue its run, and the Jets will do better than they did last week.

  1. San Francisco at Seattle
  2. Dallas at Atlanta
  3. Cleveland at Baltimore
  4. Detroit at Green Bay
  5. Houston at New England
  6. Jacksonville at Tennessee
  7. Miami at Buffalo
  8. N.Y. Jets at Minnesota
  9. Pittsburgh at Carolina
  10. Tampa Bay at Chicago
  11. Washington at New Orleans
  12. Denver at Arizona
  13. Philadelphia at N.Y. Giants
  14. St. Louis at Oakland
  15. Kansas City at San Diego
  16. Cincinnati at Indianapolis

My picks are underlined. Winning teams are emphasized. Incorrect picks are crossed out.

I did pretty well this week. I had 13 picks correct out of the 16 games. It turns out that I was correct to no longer be worried about Houston being a sleeper team against the Patriots. Chicago and the Jets did about what I expected.

I have now chosen 139 out of 218 games correctly, just shy of 64%. Even if I get every single pick correct from here on out, the best that I can hope for is about 68.4% for the season. To manage better than two thirds, I will need to make 28 correct picks out of the 32 games remaining.