Last June, Jan Ullrich was one of dozens banned from the Tour de France after being linked to a Spanish doping scandal. The case against him is being dropped for the moment since there is no usable evidence.

Ullrich, who says he is innocent, was fired by T-Mobile in July after being linked to the Spanish doping scandal. But the Swiss authorities cannot use evidence received from the Spanish probe because it was forwarded on condition it was not used officially. […] Lorenz Schlaefli, director of the SCF, said: “Since these documents cannot be used, there’s no sense continuing this process. I find it very trying. I think the whole procedure was done badly, from the beginning in Spain. (But) it’s not finished afterwards. This doesn’t mean we can’t open new proceedings. If there’s something else, it’s clear that we can reopen it afterwards.”

So, he is temporarily off the hook. However, it does not change the fact that he is no longer riding for T-Mobile, and that they are unlikely to hire him again. He is still busy trying to defend himself in court, and until he proves that he is innocent, no team is likely to take him on. Any suspensions that might be handed down will probably be career ending, as he will likely not want to race past the 2007 season anyway.