Only two more weeks are left in the regular season.

Minnesota is playing in Green Bay tonight, and Kansas City will be playing in Oakland on Saturday. I would not watch the Kansas City at Oakland game anyway, but I would prefer to watch the Vikings and Packers. Unfortunately, the NFL Network has not figured out how to play nice with Time Warner yet, and Time Warner bought Adelphia in my area so I can not get the station any more.

Chicago should not have any trouble this week; nor should Indianapolis. I think that Oakland is going to somehow manage to win against Kansas City, though. I think that San Diego at Seattle will be a good game, with San Diego winning by a touchdown. Dallas is going to slap Jeff Garcia around, though.

  1. Minnesota at Green Bay
  2. Kansas City at Oakland
  3. Baltimore at Pittsburgh
  4. Carolina at Atlanta
  5. Chicago at Detroit
  6. Indianapolis at Houston
  7. New England at Jacksonville
  8. New Orleans at N.Y. Giants
  9. Tampa Bay at Cleveland
  10. Tennessee at Buffalo
  11. Washington at St. Louis
  12. Arizona at San Francisco
  13. Cincinnati at Denver
  14. San Diego at Seattle
  15. Philadelphia at Dallas
  16. N.Y. Jets at Miami

My picks are underlined. Winning teams are emphasized. Incorrect picks are crossed out.

So much for thinking outside the box. Oakland let me down! I did not do particularly well this week. I only got half the picks right, which brings my total to 147 out of 226.