The Giants get the week started out on Saturday this week, and I think that they will continue to implode. Dallas is going to overcome their horrendous performance last week, though and will beat Detroit.

New England does not have anything to play for this week, and the Titans are not mathematically eliminated yet. I think that it is a recipe for the Patriots to take a dive.

Fantasy football is over. I did not win, but I at least made it to the last game. My guys just did not show up last week. At least I didn’t come out empty handed though; hopefully this year I’ll actually get paid.

  1. N.Y. Giants at Washington
  2. Carolina at New Orleans
  3. Cleveland at Houston
  4. Detroit at Dallas
  5. Jacksonville at Kansas City
  6. New England at Tennessee
  7. Oakland at N.Y. Jets
  8. Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
  9. Seattle at Tampa Bay
  10. St. Louis at Minnesota
  11. Arizona at San Diego
  12. Atlanta at Philadelphia
  13. Buffalo at Baltimore
  14. Miami at Indianapolis
  15. San Francisco at Denver
  16. Green Bay at Chicago