I recently discovered the No Excuses Gym website, which is written by a Las Vegas personal trainer that has relocated to southern California. The site is about a year old, and provides a lot of articles about training and nutrition.

The site has a simple design that I like. It is easy to read, easy to navigate, and easy to find what you are looking for. There are a lot of rounded edges and the color scheme is very easy on the eyes.

The content is certainly worth looking at, but it is a bit sporadic. Multiple articles will appear in chunks, but after a day or three of 3 to 6 articles appearing there can be a break of over a week until a new slew appears. This would be a great site for an RSS feed reader, but she only offers partial feeds so you will need to click through to read the articles.

The articles are easily digested, being for the most part either a short introduction with a bulleted list (such as tips for starting a fitness program) or a short question and answer format (such as how to eat healthy at a Mexican restaurant).

I have added the No Excuses Gym site to my feed reader and plan on following it for a month or two to get to know the site a little better. It never hurts to find new tips here and there or to be reminded of a few tips that you have stopped following religously.

Please Note: This is a sponsored post.