I just discovered the Precision Nutrition Forums through Alwyn Cosgrove. The forums used to be a bonus for paid customers of John Berardi’s Precision Nutrition program, but he recently opened the forum up to the public. It has a lot of e-books, exercise programs, and a good back log of nutrition and exercise related Q&A from the customers and members of the forum that are answered by experts in the field.

I signed up for the forum about a half hour ago, and I have seen enough to know that there are a few programs that I am going to try out after I run the Boston Marathon. You don’t need to register to be able to read the topics; you can just click through and see what other people have written. You can download some of the PDF e-books that are on the site, but some of them are still protected and for member’s of the system only. It looks like all of the interviews are for member download only. There is still a lot to see, though, and I am looking forward to digging through the archives.

I will link some of the more interesting ones that I find here at Run to Win.