John Berardi at Precision Nutrition has come up with a new promotion to get people in shape. He is hosting the Body Transformation Challenge for folks who are willing to take some measurements and before and after photos of themselves.

There are three prizes:

  • Grand Prize: Free groceries & supplements for 1yr
  • 1st Runner Up Prize: Free meal delivery for 3 months
  • 2nd Runner Up Prize: Free camera & Results Tracker

There are a few catches to the contest, though. First, you need to own Precision Nutrition to take part. Second, you have to want to change your body. That singles me out; I am happy with my body and have no desire to transform it into anything else. My interest in his site is all about performance and not about fat or weight loss.

The contest starts next week and registration for it is open through mid-July. Head over to Body Transformation Challenge home page for full details, and a slew of before and after pictures of people that have already succeeded with the program.