Hideki Matsui and SluggerBryan at the Chicago Minor League Review has a great article on the differences between a major league and a minor league baseball game. In particular, he recommends that you enjoy the decreased cost and stress of attending minor league games, along with a few pointers of how to get the most out of your experience.

I am a huge fan of the minor leagues, not least because these players tend to have more to play for than you see in the major leagues. This is true across all sports, and not just baseball. The skill levels will vary quite a bit more, but the games are still a lot of fun. They are also much easier and cheaper to attend and are usually much more family-friendly than major league games.

Attending the minor league games tends to put more money into your local community, as well, especially for baseball. Because the team salaries are provided from the major league team affiliations, it is easier for minor league teams to be “profitable” even if there is a net loss, and that extra money makes it easier for teams to afford the rent or leases for the stadiums or to provide for programs in the local communities.

Keep an eye on your local team’s websites or the local sports talk radio. You’ll be able to find out what promotions are coming up in the near future. You never know when one of the top names in the game might drop down for a rehab start, and it is always a lot of fun to watch your favorite local players get called up and make a difference at the major league level.

How often do you go to minor league games? When you have a few moments, drop by Bryan’s site and find out how to attend a minor league baseball game. Let me know what you think.