Last week, John Parker spoke at the Maine Running Company about his book, Once a Runner, and the upcoming sequel. During his talk, he mentioned that the easiest money in the world is to sell the options to your book to somebody interested in making a movie about it. Up to this point, he has optioned the book 3 times, and has only seen one script that was apparently pretty bad.

With that in mind, you need to realize that the following trailer is not real. It may look like a professionally produced movie trailer, but it was created by Patrick Mouser as part of a student project.

Patrick Mouser is a graphic design student at Auburn University and an intern at the Ellis-Harper Advertising company. Along with this trailer, he created an entire website around the fake movie at the aptly named Once a Runner Movie website. (Update: The website has since been taken down.)

The website has a few different trailers, including the one above along with a theatrical and broadcast trailer. You can also see some information about the locations used in the trailers and bios on the “cast” of the movie, both real actors and the actors from the trailer.