Lisa Sabin is a personal trainer, and she hired me to write about her program over at Konamoxt where she is offering to train people online for free to get them ready for the Las Vegas Half Marathon.

By joining this introductory program you get access to exclusive features, personalized training and support, tons of useful articles and information to take your running to the next level, a pre-race party where you’ll meet fellow athletes, and membership in an active community of athletes who share your passion.

Signing up is very easy; the site uses some neat effects to show you the different options you need to set when joining the site. If you have any disabilities then you may have a little trouble, as there is a captcha on one of the pages that you have to type in to prove that you are a human.

Once you sign up, you are given your own blog. You get your own subdomain, and for anybody with a wordpress website then the interface will be quite familiar. The training log is actually integrated right into the normal article posting system, which is very neat. There are quite a few reports that you can look at, although my charts are not very exciting as I have only recorded one workout in it. There is a very good blog stats plugin installed, though; I am going to need to check that out and install it here at Run to Win. You can see my sample site at:

There is a library of articles about different sports that you can browse through, and a user forum with a few hundred posts. The forum does not seem to be very active, but that may change as the half marathon comes closer.

The main page once you have logged into your personally branded site has the main options front and center, making it easy to navigate through the administrative interface. There are quite a few options for customizing the look of your site, and if you wanted you could import your current blog into this Konamoxt. On the flip side, there is also an option to export your site out of Konamoxt.

The welcome email includes your login details, and links for where to sign up for the Las Vegas half marathon. It also lets you know to expect to be contacted by the coach in the near future to set up a training plan for you. I am not sure whether she will get in touch with me or not, since I do not actually plan to run the race this year.

If you are looking for a half marathon in December, and have any interest in traveling to Las Vegas, then this site would probably be worth signing up at. You would get a racing singlet, a pre-race party, and somebody to give you a training plan and help you along with weekly emails.

If you are not planning on running the race, I am not so sure that it is worth signing up. I already have my own website and am happy with my current training log solutions that I use, so I do not intend to track my training through this site. While the website is quite ingenious and would be very appropriate for somebody who has not set up their own website yet, it does not seem to have quite the level of power and control that I would require for myself.

You can sign up (or browse around) the site at the following address:

If any of you have signed up for the program, let me know how well the training program works for you. I am curious about how successful this program is going to be and would love to hear your stories.

Please Note: This is a sponsored post.