I felt great after running in New York City, but I can not say that the marathon took no toll on my body at all. It was very obvious after I returned to the weight room this week last year that squats and lunges right after a marathon can leave you sore for a while.

  • This week last year, I continued the series on injuries by discussing a question that most runners would prefer to avoid. Namely, “Should you see a doctor about your injuries?” Runners and other athletes tend to have a higher pain tolerance than the general population, and if we can avoid going to the doctor then we can avoid having somebody tell us that we have to stop running or working out. That’s the worst case scenario, and we never want to hear it. Sometimes, though, you need to take the risk.
  • I shared my views on running with headphones. It boils down to whether or not the person with the headphones is impeding my own race or workout. I never run with headphones, personally, and generally I am not bothered by the people that do. There are some people that cause problems for everybody around them, though, and the only thing that will ever let them know that they aren’t paying enough attention is when that car that they can’t hear or don’t notice manages to hit them.
  • This week two years ago, I wrote about calculating your maximum heart rate. In a couple of months, I may actually wind up getting a heart rate monitor, so next year I will probably try to work heart rate training into my schedule.