I have no idea if this is going to be something that is worthwhile or not, but I signed up anyway. Pat Rigsby & Dax Moy are putting on “The 12 Days of Fitness” where you will be able to download (for free) a plethora of articles, videos and podcasts from 250 different fitness experts.

I have signed up, and the giveaways begin tomorrow. I can not (yet) vouch for the quality of the giveaways, or whether you will be able to download them directly or if you are going to have to sign up for different mailing lists for each item. It is worth taking a look, though, I think, so I am passing the site along.

Here is an email that I got today after signin up a few days ago:

Hey Blaine

Just thought I’d drop you a quick reminder to keep an eye on your inbox for the first of your 12 days gift bundles.

This first day of fitness email will be delivering you THIRTY great gifts (and that’s just the first days!).

Each day after that for 21 days I’ll be sending you the links to yet another page with even more gifts for you to choose from.

You can take what you like or you can take ’em all, the choice is yours.

The main thing is that you actually use them, ok?



Til tomorrow!

Happy Holiday!

Dax Moy and Pat Rigsby