Runner’s World has published an interview today with Dirigo runner Sheri Piers, who recently qualified for the 2008 Olympic Trials with a time of 2:45:36. The interview touches on her running history, her long break from competitive running, and how she trains while working as a nurse practitioner and running a household with 5 children.

Do you now regret not pursuing running all those years?
SP: Absolutely. Every day. I think about what it could have been on a daily basis. And I talk to Wayne about that. I think about the opportunities I had when I was in high school. I had all these Division 1 schools sending me letters, and I didn’t even apply. I didn’t even respond to any of them. All these really good running schools, like Bucknell, Stanford. I didn’t even think twice about it. Back then in high school, I didn’t like that feeling I had, because of all the pressure I put on myself.

It’s a great interview and shows how an average person can rise above themselves to accomplish some great things.

You can read the full interview by going to: Runner’s World Daily News