The humor group “Improv Everywhere” creates humorous situations in and around New York City. Some of their stunts have included an annual “No Pants” subway ride, synchronized swimming in Central Park, and a lost fan in Yankee’s Stadium named Rob. Rob went to get some food, but got lost on his way out and had half of the stadium yelling his name rather than watching the game before he finally made his way back to his friends.

Rob returned last month and made an appearance at the New York City Marathon. He started out with everyone, but couldn’t quite seem to find the course again after a brief pitstop…

The episode where he got lost in Yankee’s Stadium was funnier, I thought, because you had the same people getting into the act even though they were completely unaware that it was just a stunt. Getting lost during the marathon touched different people as you went, but they weren’t able to appreciate how silly the situation was and could go about their way assuming that he’d eventually find the course again.

It was still fun to watch though.