I have run a few marathons, and I have made a lot of mistakes.

Those are all mistakes that you don’t have to make.

There are some simple steps that you can take to enjoy your race, race well, and then recover sufficiently to enjoy the rest of your day and be mobile after your race.

I will having a teleconference call early in January, and I would like to answer the questions that you have about marathon preparation and recovery.

Go here to sign up for the call: http://www.marathoning.org/1-question.html

What is your most pressing question about how to prepare for a marathon (or any other race) in the week or days or hours leading up to your race?

Is there anything that you want to know about how to recover from your race so that you do not have to be the person barely able to move or stay wake during your post-race lunch or dinner?

I will be answering as many questions on the call as I can in an hour or an hour and a half. I’ve already received about a dozen questions (perhaps 8 unique questions) and I am looking forward to adding your question to the list!

If you have any interest in marathoning or race preparation, then please let me know what questions you would specifically like to have answered and sign up for the call:

I will send you the call in details for the conference call early next week if you sign up for it. I will also make the recording available to those who sign up for a short period of time after the call has been completed.

I have not finalized the actual date or the phone number for the call yet, but I expect that it will be late next week or next weekend. I will make the recording available for those who can not make the call for at least a couple of weeks.