The Spirit of the Marathon is a feature-length movie following 6 runners as they train for and run the Chicago Marathon in 2005. Deena Kastor takes center stage along with 1 other professional, 4 amateur athletes and a “Who’s Who of Marathoning” that make cameo appearances throughout the film (including Joan Benoit Samuelson.)

The movie debuted last October and was well received at two film festivals, and will be screening on January 24th, 2008 for 1 night only in 500 theaters nationwide. I have already bought tickets for my wife and I to see it in Brunswick, Maine.

“I simply went about my normal routine and training,” said Kastor, “and they followed and filmed as we went. I did not find it distracting. In fact, it was motivating.”

“I was struck by the similarities for us as we prepared for the Chicago Marathon,” she said. “Everyone had hurdles and setbacks, and everyone struggled through long runs—it was so similar despite the different levels of training and pace.”

“I went into that race very confident—I don’t know where that came from—but I was supremely confident,” Kastor recalled. “I ended up winning by only five seconds, and I hit the wall for the first time.”

Here is the trailer for the movie:

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I am really looking forward to seeing the movie, and if you are going to be seeing it here in Maine then let me know and say hi when you see me at the theater!