Emily Levan at Worlds in 2005If you had an opportunity to ask an elite athlete any question, what would it be? Would you ask about training? About racing? About diet? How about asking how difficult it is for your 4 year old child to be diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)?

On Wednesday, March 12th at 7:00 I will be asking Emily LeVan your questions. If you know what you want to ask, you can do so here:

Emily LeVan ran track in high school, but was a field hockey player at Bowdoin College. A few years after graduation, she debuted in the marathon at Sugarloaf in 3:16:24. She ran a 2:41:38 at the 2003 Boston Marathon, which qualified her for the 2004 Olympic Marathon Trials.

Emily and Maddie LeVanEmily took a year off from competition and opted not to compete, instead giving birth to her daughter, Madeline. In total, she has run a dozen marathons, including 5 Boston Marathons (of which, she was the 1st American in 2005), 2 New York Marathons, and the 2005 World Championships. She is currently the 14th ranked woman in the Marathon Trials with her 2006 Boston time of 2:37:01.

Last year on November 5, Emily’s daughter Maddie was diagnosed with ALL and will spend the next 2 or 3 years of her life in a marathon of blood transfusions, x-rays, ultrasounds, spinal taps, bone marrow biopsies, and chemotherapy.

Emily and Maddie are trying to raise some money for the Maine Children’s Cancer Program so that they can provide the same excellent that Maddie received to other children in need. In Emily’s own words:

My goal is to raise $52,400 (Maddie and I are now running two marathons, so 26.2 times two is 52.4) for the Maine Children’s Cancer Program during the roughly 3 month period that the fundraiser will be running. Every dollar donated will go directly to the Maine Children’s Cancer Program. The fundraiser will run (no pun intended) from January 18th, which is Maddie’s 4th birthday, through the Olympic Trials on April 20th.

So far they have already raised over 60% of their goal in the past 8 weeks. If you have anything that you would like me to ask Emily or if you would just like to be on the call, then head over and let us know what kinds of questions that you would like answered. The address for that is: http://www.marathoning.org/ask/Emily-LeVan.html

We will leave it up to you to decide what sorts of topics we discuss on the call. Click here to ask your question and to get the call in details. There will be a webcast available for anybody that wants to listen but doesn’t want to pay long distance or international phone rates.