The Maine Running Company is holding a “fund” run for Emily and Maddie LeVan Thursday, April 3rd, at 6:00. There will be a discussion about training for the Olympic Trials that will include Emily LeVan, Sheri Piers, and Kristen Barry. The Two Trials fund raiser has raised over $41,000 of the $52,400 goal so far, and there will be stations set up where you can receive a “Two Trials” reminder bracelet for a $10 donation. Following the talk, there will be 2 mile and 4 mile runs down by the Back Cove.

If you are going to be in the southern Maine area tomorrow evening, then I really encourage you to go and listen. It is bound to be a great talk, and all of the money raised will support a good cause. So far, Wright Express has offered to match $1000 for participation of 100 people or more, and the Maine Running Company has put out a corporate match challenge to help raise money.

I was really looking forward to going tomorrow night, but will unfortunately not be in attendance. I do not believe that I am contagious, but I don’t want to risk getting any of the 3 ladies sick just a few weeks before the marathon trials. Nor do I want to risk getting Maddie sick as she goes through another round of chemotherapy and steroid treatments. That being said, if anybody that does go is interested in taking some notes, video, audio, or photos of the event I would be more than happy to publish them here at Run to Win. Just send me an email or comment below to let me know how to get in touch with you.

If you are interested in learning more about the Two Trials fund raiser, you can listen to an interview that I did with Emily a month ago that touched on the treatment for her daughter’s cancer, her training, and the upcoming trials. You can listen to the interview over at my other site: