As I was at an out of state wedding last weekend I never rounded up last year’s topics for the week, and it was a busy week.

  • I discussed why breakfast is important, and anybody trying to attain or maintain a healthy weight would be well served to eat a good breakfast every day.
  • I offered 7 tips for running in the heat, which is a good reminder for those of us up here in the Northern hemisphere that are just getting into Summer.
  • I asked how often you used running as a means of transportation. The reason that we have legs isn’t so that we can just go out and pound out miles without actually producing anything; we have them so that we can get from place to place. Now and again it is nice to get something useful out of our hobby.
  • I featured a radio interview of Matt Hartman, who started up a team run/bike race in New Hampshire last year. The race was very popular and will be held in August this year.
  • I presented a case study for how a body builder could run sub-7 in the mile. I should send Chris an email and find out if he ever completed the program; his last update was a week before the time trial.
  • Last week two years ago, a 7 year old swam to shore from Alcatraz. Amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. The Nike+ system was announced and Bud Gibson described how to do a bridge with a knee tuck.