Last night, I asked whether or not you would give your medical information to a race before running it, since that is what is being requested by the organizers of the Beach to Beacon this year. The founder of the company that is partnering with the Beach to Beacon to collect that information, Margie Kelly, was kind enough to stop by and leave a comment, so I am reprinting that comment here to make sure that you all get a chance to see it:

Mr. Moore…

Please know as the founder of MedicalSummary I thank you for identifying our work with the 2008 TD Banknorth Beach To Beacon as a good idea. I never envisioned this application when developing a personal health record (PHR) and its companion MedSum Card as requested by my elderly mother.

But in 2006 at B2B I saw a delirious male…core body temp 108 degrees…in an ice immersion treatment with no identification other than his bib number. At that point I understood Chris Troyanos’s suggestion to work together taking road race medical care to the next level. Could that have been your friend, Mr. Moore, in the ice with a medical team trying to treat him quickly and appropriately? Heat exhaustion is extremely serious.

I appreciate your concerns about privacy and security. The details you choose to input are encrypted. We never sell, share or cull information for marketing or research purposes. We only ask for your name and e-mail address. Listing your current medications and allergies..or lack of them..takes minutes and could give a clearer picture of your needs to the medical team should there be an emergency situation. Should you opt out of our service post-B2B, your account is deleted and closed.

You mentioned wearing your road ID and completing details as requested on your bib. I offer my congratulations to you, Mr. Moore. My research shows 99% of the runners in any given race do not prepare as well as you. And with 5000+ B2B competitors the odds are that a number of individuals will need medical treatment on August 2 and there’s a grand medical team waiting to help. This 10K is a beautiful and challenging track but not everyone’s body is prepared for being field-tested.

Thank you for suggesting you’ll develop this unique B2B-PHR with its MedSum Card, Mr. Moore. I truly appreciate your sharing your thoughts and printing the letter written by Chris Troyanos, B2B Medical Coordinator. I hope you’ll enjoy using your MedicalSummary in good health and safe travels…

Margie Kelly

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(And no, my friend had troubles from the heat 3 years ago, so she wasn’t the gentleman that Margie saw last year.)