Last week, I reviewed the DVD of Run For Your Life, which follows the life of Fred Lebow as he brought about and grew the New York City Marathon.

Screen Media Films is provided me with 5 copies of the DVD to give away, which I did throughout the course of the past week.

In the meantime, I never heard from one of the winners after 2 days, and so I chose a new winner! I didn’t create a video for the redrawing; instead, I just took a screenshot and then added in a piece from the winning comment.

Congratulations Phil! I’ve sent you an email, so hopefully you have an opportunity some time in the next 2 days to check your email and claim your prize.

In the meantime, I happen to know you are running the New York City Marathon tomorrow morning, so good luck and good race!

I have chosen the winner for the last DVD, I am just waiting for the video to upload so that I can announce who it was. That will be announced within the next hour or so.