Mike BrooksFor those in the Southern Maine area that are interested, WCSH 6 News Center 6 at 6 will be doing a segment sometime this evening between 6:00-6:30 on Camp Sunshine and Mike Brooks’ 10 Days for Sunshine run.

Mike is going to attempt to run 500 miles over the span of 10 days starting next week, averaging almost 2 marathons per day as he runs around a 1 mile paved loop.

I recently did a coaching call with Mike where we discussed his fund-raising efforts for various non-profit organizations, including Camp Sunshine. (I’m still in the process of editing the recording and transcript.)

I’ll link up to the video tomorrow morning once it is available on WCSH6’s website.

(And don’t forget – after you get done watching the news tonight, head over to Maine Running Company to listen to Greg Meyer speak about Boston and running your first marathon or half marathon.)