Mike Brooks is now 3 days into his 10 day run, and has run 56 miles in the last 24 hours for a total of 188 miles (a 72 hour PR – his previous best was 187.7 miles.)

Some very good news today, as Mike has received a $3,000 grant from Finishline Sports for their youth fund. This means that he has already collected $6,000 for Camp Sunshine, and should be collecting about $3,000 more when he makes it 500 miles. That’s only $1000 below his goal of $10,000 which is great news.

Mike was featured on the race blog this morning, PerfectionJourney.com (photo source). There, he describes how his motivation is to finish each lap knowing that he has just raised that much more money for Camp Sunshine.

Mike is having a little trouble getting rest since there are 3 expressways around the loop and every time that he falls asleep a plane flies by right overhead.

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