Mike Brooks has now been going for 120 hours and has covered 284 miles, 48 of them in the past 24 hours (as of noon today.) He had a little company yesterday as his brother, Walter, came down to visit:

“Its incredible because he really got into marathoning at a late age. He amazes me, an old guy like him suddenly picking up a sport.” Walter Brooks is Mike’s older brother and has come down for the day from his home in Massachusetts to support him. Of Mike he says, “he is tough as nails.” I ask him why he thinks Mike has taken on perhaps the toughest race in the world. Walter says, “It just shows his dedication for the families he is running for. It is not about ego, it is about raising money for the families.”

The 6 day race has now started, and Mike is amused by how fast everybody started out and how much they slowed down once the sun went down and the middle of the night came around.

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Mike is up to about $6000 that he has received in donations so far (I’ve pledged an additional 20 cents per mile.)

If you are interested in helping Mike out, then you can make a donation to Camp Sunshine through his website, TenDaysForSunshine.org or you can mail a donation directly to: Camp Sunshine, 35 Acadia RD., Casco, ME 04015.