Mike Brooks checked in and he’s now run for 8 days.

He’s been enjoying the weather for the past few days. He’s now run 427 miles, keeping pretty close to his average of 50 miles per day with 49 miles in the past 24 hours.

He’s looking forward to getting to the 500 mile mark soon but nothing is guaranteed.

Mike is now having to wear a back brace. Him and a few other guys are suffering from runner’s lean from going on such a short loop in the same direction so many times with the road pitched that one way.

I got an email from Denise (Mike’s wife) and thought I’d put it here:

I spoke to Mike around noon today. he has completed 427 miles. He is sounding discouraged and kinda beat up today. (This is the first I’ve heard this in his voice this week.)

He is having a lot of back pain and has “runner’s lean” (He’s leaning off to one side.)

I think that something that would help him is e-mails of encouragement and reminders of Camp Sunshine and his reason for his lofty goal!!!!

You can send him an e-mail by going to the following link and clicking on “virtual cheer crowd”


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Mike is up to about $7000 in donations, so if you’d like to help out then you can make a donation to Camp Sunshine through his website, TenDaysForSunshine.org or you can mail a donation directly to: Camp Sunshine, 35 Acadia RD., Casco, ME 04015.