Mike Brooks has now been running for 9 days and has gone 469 miles.

I’ll let Denise provide today’s text update:

Mike has now completed 469 miles 31 to go . He’s having a lot of back pain which is making it difficult for him to walk at all right now. He is getting a massage and is expecting a chiropractor to be there this afternoon so is hopeful this will help. I tried talking him into taking it easy for a few hours rather than a few minutes–because if he sits still for a few minutes the pain improves but then he goes right back at it.

We’ll see how this goes–He’s so close and is hoping that the back pain doesn’t keep him from his goal.


You can listen to Mike’s update here, although the wind drowned him out a little bit in a few points:

Audio Version:

Click the play button to begin streaming the audio version of this update:

Mike may be checking in early enough for me to get an update on the site tomorrow, or he may not.