Mountain Epic logoLast year, the Mountain Epic took place at Sunday River, a race that brings the runner about 4 miles as they ascend and then descend a peak before going through an obstacle course and mud pit.

This year, there may very well be the existing 1 peak and an additional 5 peak or 8 peak option, and you could help find the routes that will be used!

This Saturday and Sunday some Trail Monsters will be combining with Tri-Maine to explore the trail systems and ski slopes at Sunday River in order to map out a few new courses for this year’s Mountain Epic in October. A group of us will be leaving Portland around 7:00 on Saturday morning and running once we arrive.

You can participate by joining me and some other Trail Monsters on Saturday 6/20 or Sunday 6/21. If you would like to run both days and stay overnight at Sunday River I can provide free accomodations — please contact me ASAP.

Saturday — Meet at the Back Cove parking lot on Baxter Blvd across from Hannaford in Portland by 7am. It will take about 2 hours to drive up there. We will all meet at the South Ridge Lodge at 9:30am near the wooden bear to go over the courses and split up into groups (if needed).

Sunday — Meet at the South Ridge Lodge at 9:30am near the wooden bear.

Requirements: You must be self-sustained for the entire trip and be prepared for foul weather — wind, cold, and rain. This means you must carry enough food and water and proper clothing. The terrain is rugged and trail shoes with a good grip are necessary. Two-person minimum per group. At least one person in a group must have a cell phone. Since one of the main points of this endevor is to document the trip please bring your GPS, digital or video camera.

If you are interested in joining us then email for more information.