Back CoveBeautiful weather and a strong field led to 9 finishers under 18 minutes last night with Claton Conrad winning the race in 16:19 by over 40 seconds. Erin Lane was the only woman under 20 minutes as she finished with her husband and daughter in 19:53. There were 244 finishers in the race.

I just wanted to run around 6 minute pace, which I managed with a 5:35 starting mile followed by 5:52 and 6:08 2nd and 3rd miles for my 16th place 18:39 finish. I had gotten in my warmup with the 5:30 crowd behind Hannaford and then ran the race barefoot, but my form wasn’t the best it could have been and my feet were a little more tender this week than they were a few weeks ago after the race.

Dave Manz (01:46:35) and Heather Henningson (02:24:33) have both maintained their positions atop the leaderboard, both of whom managed to bring their times down with this week’s race. Dave cut 6 seconds off of his average time by replacing last week’s 18:57 with this week’s 18:23, and Heather cut 14 seconds off by replacing week 3’s 26:19 with this week’s 24:54.

I managed to improve my position on the leaderboard from 4th to 3rd by cutting an average of 36 seconds off per race after dropping my week 6 22:03 finish so that my accumulated time is now 1:53:12.

This week’s interesting stat: I won the series with a cumulative time of 01:42:29 in 2007, and last year’s winning time was 1:42:19 by Curtis Wheeler with Tyler Jasud winning in 2008 in 1:39:33. Right now it looks like Noah Schoneberg is on pace for the win if he can keep up his current efforts for at least 2 more races unless Dave can drop another 4 minutes off of his 6-race cumulative time.

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