Relentless Forward Progress is a great introduction to ultramarathons for the average marathoner. Bryon Powell does a good job of covering a lot of different topics that the curious marathoner would want to know about taking the next step.

Where he falls short, however, is in the format that that information is presented in, at least in the Kindle edition. I haven’t seen the print edition of the book, but my assumption is that the majority of the criticisms that I have are probably a non-issue in the print version.

Even with the formatting errors, the book is still worth picking up. For the experienced ultrarunner, it’s worth browsing through for the 1 or 2 ideas that may have never occurred to you and that will make your next race more enjoyable. For the marathoner looking to move up, it provides a pretty comprehensive guide, especially if you aren’t sure how to modify your training to handle the extra distance.

Here’s my full review:

Video Transcription


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