my name is bigLazarus Lake is well known in ultra-running circles not only for his own running but for the great races that he puts on, including Vol State, the Barkeley Marathons, and Big’s Backyard Ultra. A few years ago, he found a pitbull that had been abandoned and shot at the edge of his property, and decided that he couldn’t leave the dog there to die.

The ultralist agreed with him, and with their help Big now has a great home. It wasn’t an easy transition, though, and after a group of strangers from around the world helped Laz to adopt this dog and get him the care that the dog required, he felt that he should update everybody on how the Big Dog was doing.

Fast forward a few years, and you can now read Big’s story in one convenient package! As the second book published by my imprint, Trail Trotter Press, My Name is Big follows Big’s rescue, adoption into a permanent home, re-abandonment and finally making his way back to Laz’s farm for good.

There is some running in the book, and there is a lot of inside information that a casual reader might not notice that you would as a runner, but this book will appeal to all kinds of dog lovers no matter how active they are.

After the book was announced yesterday afternoon, it had reached multiple Amazon Best Seller lists by the end of the day! At one point, it was ranked #432 out of all books selling on Amazon, and was the 6th best selling Dog book, even outselling 2 of Cesar Milan’s books! (He’s the Dog Whisperer…and yes, I had to look that up!)

This book is a fun read and would make a great gift for any dog lover in your life.

(Please note that as the publisher of the book I obviously have a financial interest in it. You can learn more about the book at Amazon.)