Each day I will be listing the medal competitions for the day, along with which athletes from the United States that are competing in that event.

Today’s Olympic Finals in Track & Field are:

  • Men’s shot put at 3:30 PM EDT
    • Christian Cantwell
    • Reese Hoffa
    • Ryan Whiting
  • Women’s 10,000 meters at 4:25 PM EDT
    • Lisa Uhl
    • Amy Hastings
    • Janet Bawcom

I would also like to thank the sponsors that are supporting our Olympic Athletes despite being penalized by corrupt policies of the IOC, IAAF, and USATF that are earning billions of dollars off of the backs of our athletes through slave labor. Please show your support of these organizations and thank them if you use their services or by mentioning them on Facebook or Twitter.

Today’s Heroes:

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