Went to the team workout this evening, and it was one of those chilly (but not cold) days where it is just pouring. You always dread going out for your run, but once you are out there you can not imagine anywhere that you would rather be. At least, I usually can’t.

I had another sopping wet workout a few weeks before the marathon. The only people to show up were 3 other people running the marathon, myself, and my girlfriend. It was much colder then, being 3 or 4 weeks closer to the just past winter and at 7:30 on a Sunday morning instead of at 6 on a weekday evening. The new jackets that we got last year worked like a charm to keep me dry, and I enjoyed the run.

Tonight’s workout was fun, too. It was my first speed work in quite a while. I only ran 5 by a bit less than a quarter mile, but I could certainly feel it on the return trip. That might have been the wind chapping, though.