Running 800s (or 880s, as my coach refers to them) can be satisfying.

We had a good 20 minute warm up, nice slow and easy. We got to the track before the high school meet had ended, so another 10 minute or so rewarmup was in order. The 800s were nothing fast (6:00 down to 5:00 pace) but it felt nice to get the legs moving again. It is high time I got my sense of pace back. On the third 800, I wanted to run the first 200 meters in 40 seconds, and I was spot on. Of course, I was four seconds under when I crossed 400 meters, though. The cool down was a good 25 minutes mostly along this weekend’s race course.

I have decided that starting next week, I am going to do the lifting on MTR and the swimming on WF. I will still limit my running to team workouts (or races) on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings. Saturday will still be my day off. I am currently lifting MR and swimming on TF. The masters swim class meets on TR though so the pool is a little crowded even at 6 in the morning.