I rather like the name of that…the Whizzinator!

Onterrio Smith was caught last month at an airport with vials of powdered urine for his Whizzinator. Basically, it is a prosthetic penis designed to thwart drug tests. Smith has already been suspended twice in the NFL for substance abuse (not to mention being kicked out of school in 2000) and he has only been in the league for a year.

He does not seem too swift; he is going to get caught using (again) and is going to lose a year due to suspension. You would think these people would learn; if you are going to use illegal substances, why not wait until your career is over? What would he do if he couldn’t play ball anymore?

Of course, he probably has enough money to just sit around and smoke for a year or three anyway. At least he does not look like as much of a chode as Ricky “I used to play professional football, but then I got high” Williams.