The leg that I pulled on Tuesday felt fine this morning, but my right leg was feeling a little funny. By the end of the run it had been stretched out though and was okay. I felt tired during the run, though; not tired as in exhausted physically, but tired as in sleepy. As though I could close my eyes and take a nap (while I was jogging). That seemed a little odd. I did try running with my eyes shut for a bit, but I figured that that was (a) not too smart no matter how good I am at getting around blind and (b) far too likely to allow me to actually fall asleep. Very strange.

I ran fairly slow, and I think once June rolls around I need to start bumping my mileage up a bit. I do not want to stop lifting for at least 6 more weeks, which will bring me up to July, so I will have to find some other way to fit it in. I may have to start doubling my workouts to make it work, as I do not want to stop swimming either.