I tried a new pair of shoes for this evening’s workout, the Asics DS-Trainer X. The jury is still out a little on whether I like them. We ran a Baxter Woods workout, which is basically a 600 meter down hill trail followed by two sharp turns and a 200 meter uphill, making for a half mile repeat. Normally when I run that workout, I prefer something with spikes in the bottom of the shoes to help grip the trail, especially down at the bottom when I have to turn. Tonight was no exception.

Ignoring the lack of grip, which no training shoe is going to have, I rather liked the shoes during the speed portion of the workout. They are definately lighter and have a different feel than the 2090 series. During the warmup, however, I felt as though I were pronating a bit. Whether that is because I was tired from this morning’s swim workout, or just getting used to the new shoes and haven’t broken them in yet, I am not sure. I did not notice it so much during the cool down.

I am going to give these shoes another shot, and I at least should be able to use them for some of my shorter races if not for the marathon. I don’t know that I necessarily need to buy new flats and spikes quite yet, and may wait until next year to do that.