I got an email from the RIT Alumni Association that had a drawing of Ritchie the (cartoon) tiger holding a thermometer that denotes the number of donations that the school has gotten this year. For personal reasons, I found this picture extremely amusing, so I forwarded it along to a friend of mine that I thought would appreciate it. He suggested that it looked like the work of a former teammate of ours, so I did a search on the internet to see if I could find his email address. I found his web site instead. He has some really good stuff, some of which I had seen before and some of which I had not.

One of the galleries that he had was of the RIT Coast to Coast Run, or rather, of the sketch book that he kept on the run. I was jealous as hell that I could not participate with them, and followed the blog that they had up very closely the entire trip (I could not find a copy of it that is still online, sorry). It was nice to see everything from a new perspective, and I am looking forward to looking through it close enough to be able to read all of his comments in the margins.

And to think, if I had run the Coast to Coast with my old team, I might not have pulled a muscle in San Antonio.