Having finished one phase of my training, the question is whether I should take a little time off before starting the next phase. Two weeks of low-weight, high rep total body workouts, 3 weeks of mid-range reps split into upper/lower (although I skimped on the lower body workouts since I am still running and do not want to hurt myself), and now I have 4 weeks of mixed workouts with higher weights and lower reps. The first two weeks were 18-20 reps per set done in a 12 exercise circuit. These past three weeks were 8-12 exercises per set done as straight sets. The next month will be 4-6 reps per set.

The problem comes where I want to increase my running mileage. My coach suggests that I sneak the runs in before I begin my lifting, but I am already getting up at 5:30 to work out every morning and I am not so sure I want to get up any earlier.

I am going to continue to swim twice a week. This morning is my day when I usually just swim, but I am thinking of running the YMCA Back Bay 5k this evening. I will be out of town this weekend, including Monday.

I am undecided if I am going to go to the gym when I get home on Monday or if I will just wait until Tuesday (or even Wednesday) and take a little rest first. I will probably play it by ear after the weekend.