At some point in the past few weeks, one of my coworkers saw the “Naked Boys Singing” show. She did not realize that the actors would actually be naked for most of the show.

Yesterday, my lifting included 5 sets of military press. Today, I ran first thing in the morning. At lunch today, I swam for 35 minutes. I was a bit tired and sore during the swimming, for some reason. Tomorrow I will not workout, however, and will get a spot of rest.

When I got to the pool and was almost done changing into the ol’ swim trunks, a dirty man in camoflage walked into the locker room. He was missing all but 3 or 4 of his teeth (or so it seemed) and had the whole nappy hair/beard bit going. I have no sense of smell so I can not comment on whether he was “fragrant” or not. My assumption is that he was homeless, but I have nothing to base that on other than his appearance. I did not converse with him, and I have never seen him before or since (of course, it has only been a few hours).

He did not swim, or if he did it was after I left. He was getting undressed when I started swimming, and a bit over a half hour later when I came back in the locker room he was taking a shower. Unlike most folks, however, he was not just lathering up and rinsing (possibly repeating), but he was doing some kind of stretching/dancing/kung fu bit. The pool has the hard shower heads that if you aren’t careful will bruise you if you don’t protect yourself with your hand, and he had two of them on. He started with a bit of toe touching, went into kicking, went into lunges, and generally seemed to be having a good time.

There is nothing quite like watching a naked man pretend that he is David Carradine while taking a shower and flashing a gummy smile at all and sundry. I wonder how many marbles he has rolling around upstairs?

I could be judgemental, though. Maybe I’m the one with the issues that I find this a mixture of strange and humorous. Either way, the man did have one distinct advantage on me for which I was a bit jealous: he had a bag full of soaps and shampoos. I forgot to throw the got lucky bag in my gym bag this morning, and probably reek of chlorine right now since all I could do was a quick rinse before running back to work. Oh well.