Last night it was a bit chilly and it has been raining for a few days, so instead of doing 880s in Baxter Woods as we had on the schedule we went to Bradley Street to run. Bradley street is similar to Baxter Woods in an opposite sort of way (if that makes sense.)

In Baxter Woods, you run a short flat followed by a long downhill followed by a short flat with sharp turns and a short uphill. This is all in the woods on a dirt trail.

Bradley Street you start with a short downhill, a short flat, and a long uphill. All on pavement. Hence the street part. Both are about a half mile total.

The weather was a bit chilly standing around, but running you feel like taking off extra clothing. Quite a few people did, in fact. However, there was a fairly vicious wind coming down the hill during the repeats, and it had a slight drizzle or at least dampness on it. I was glad to have my shirt at the end of each repeat and being able to wear it on the running recovery back down the hill.

My core was for the most part plenty warm, but my hands and fingers got a bit cold. How do you deal with weather like that? You don’t want to wear a shirt during your repeats because it is warm enough to overheat. But the wind and damp is enough to freeze you if you stay still too long or pay any attention to extremities. Freeze is too strong a word perhaps…

I ran four of them fairly quickly and then paced a teammate through her fifth. There was a dog near the start line (an australian shepherd) who had a deflated four square ball. He would lay at the edge of the road and nudge it at your feet, and then when you threw or kicked it he would catch it before it hit the ground (all but once or twice). He was fast. And he kept bringing it back. I tried to fool him by throwing it high; he caught it. So I threw it long. He dove and caught it. Seeing a dog dive is fun. But I had to start my next repeat at that point.