Bronson Arroyo of the Boston Red Sox came up to Portland yesterday to play a concert in Monument Square. About 5000 people showed up to hear him play. Apparently, he did a passable job, although most people probably could have done without listening to him had he not been a pitcher for the Red Sox and hadn’t had a great game the night before.

I did not bother to go listen to him, opting to go home for lunch and play with the kitten instead. (She was happy with that decision.) My girlfriend went, and was a bit put off by the whole thing. There was a 20 minute gap between the opening act and when Arroyo took the stage, and then they had to wait for somebody to bring him a stool because they had not bothered to do so when they were waiting for him. She only got to listen to two or three songs before she had to get back to work, and she was not overly impressed.

But hey, at least he stuck around to sign autographs for people that bought his album after he got done performing, as well as later that night before the Sea Dogs game. I did not make it to that either, though; I was out running.