The Dan Cardillo Memorial 5k Road Race was yesterday morning in Falmouth, Maine. It was a beautiful, cool morning with a slight breeze that somehow seemed to turn into a slight head wind for about 70% of the race. Dirigo and Run to Win both had a strong showing, placing 1st and 2nd in the team events. Ethan Hemphill, Andy Spaulding, and Mike Payson came in 1-2-3 overall to lead in the Dirigo scoring, followed by Rob Fast and Marc Dugas in 9th and 10th. Run To Win was represented up front by Blaine Moore (7th), Scott Hornney (23rd), Karen Fagan (27th), Stephanie Atkinson (30th), Pete Peters (32nd) and Regan Hornney (33rd), who just missed breaking 20 minutes in an official 5k by a few seconds. (Full Results)

Everybody’s times seemed a little slow from the race leaders to middle of the packers. This race has traditionally been short (the course was revised last year) and still remains a fast course, so there were many disappointments to be had, likely due to the just barely obtrusive wind. There was a cat in the middle of the road watching the runners at the 2 mile marker.