If there was a DNA test that determined what kind of sports you could excel at, would you take it? The Australian Institute of Sport has developed a few and is testing whether or not they can be used to help train their athletes.

They use DNA profiling through 12 gene tests to determine what type of athletic endeavors an individual is better built for. For example, if they are better suited to power activities then they would lift more weights, but if they were better suited to endurance activities than they would run more. They hope that by custom tailoring their training programs for their athletes, they can attain better performances that work with the athlete’s body instead of against it and can reduce the frequency and seriousness of injuries.

But scientists and sports experts say using gene tests to select or exclude players is a bad idea. “It would be sheer folly to hang your hat on genes alone,” says Dank. We still don’t have a gene for “the mongrel factor”, he adds.

I have no doubt that this is going to become more popular as time goes on and the research improves. I would not take the tests right now, though. I doubt that I could find a way to afford them right now at $110 each for 12 tests on top of a trip to Australia. Once they are more accurate and cheaper, though, I would love to know whether the lifestyle I lead is because of or inspite of my genetics. Because I sure as hell ain’ changin’…