Running Dog Sports is a new running shoe specialty store located in Gorham, Maine that opened in May of 2005. I have seen the owner, Kathy Hepner, at many of the local races as both a participant and as a sponsor. She is very actively involved in the community.

I stopped in at lunch time today, but I was a little disappointed with the selection. She had a fair amount of accessories, but I wear Asics shoes and they were sorely lacking on her shelves. She is still trying to get them as a vendor, and recommended me to another store that is located closer to where I live. Her prices were very good for what she had, and I may go back when I need any sort of apparel or if I consider changing shoes. I did chat with her for a while about some of the local racing and about the next Marathon that I am going to run, which she has run before and coincidentally will be running again this year.

For anybody that does not live in the Gorham area, it is a bit out of the way. Small roads with a lot of traffic on the Portland/Westbrook side of town make driving through Gorham a less than desirable option; it is not nearly as bad coming from the Buxton/Standish directions. For folks who are travelling through the area, however, would likely be coming from Portland, and would be better served by going to a Sportshoe Center or the Maine Running Company.