Kyle Maynard has no arms or legs, having been born with his arms ending at his elbows and his legs ending at his knees. He has managed to overcome his handicap, and become a competitive wrestler who has managed to win 35 times on the varsity squad his senior year. When he began wrestling in 6th grade, he lost his first 35 matches. He worked out with his father and worked on his technique until he managed to make himself competitive.

“If you lose, it’s all on you,” said Maynard. “Wrestling is a brutal sport in that way. But then, you know, the victories are so much sweeter. And, because of that, I learned so much about myself. If you can persevere through that, then anything is truly possible. I believe that deep down in my heart.”

He has never been pinned. He now attends the University of Georgia and has taken up Ju-Jitsu.