Notre Dame went down swinging today against top ranked USC, losing the game off of a QB sneak in the last 3 seconds of the game.

Reggie Bush ran for 3 touchdowns to bring USC up 28 to 24 over Notre Dame. Brady Quinn led an impressive drive culminating in a game leading 31-28 lead with only a few minutes left on the clock. Matt Leinart got them away from a 3rd and 20 on their own end of the field to try running the ball in with 7 seconds remaining. He fumbled the ball out of bounds, so despite the game clock going down and the Notre Dame students rushing the field, they got one more play. Rather than spiking the ball, he used his mass to roll through on a sneak for the touchdown and the win, leaving 3 seconds on the clock.

It was an exciting game. I wish I’d had money on it. It was the offensive power game that I had fully intended to watch and I was not disappointed.