Theo Epstein is gone! How the hell did that happen? Oh yeah, Lucchino is still the president. Team owner John Henry should have gotten rid of Lucchino a long time ago. He badmouthed Nomar after getting rid of him, and he seems likely to be the source of the leak about contract negotiations that took place last weekend in the Boston Globe. In any other business, that would be a call for a lawsuit. In major league baseball, it was much worse. It was one of the catalysts for the Red Sox losing the man that transformed their team and created a great farm system for them, along with getting them a World Series win last year.

I have no doubt that Theo Epstein will find employment with another club. Hopefully the Red Sox will manage to find somebody who can jump right in and continue the trade talks that have fallen flat now that other teams have no idea what is happening in Boston’s front office. Hopefully they will be able to accurately gauge the farm system that Boston has grown over the last few years and will hold on to the true gems while getting good value through trades of the others. Hopefully.

My guess is that there are a lot of angry and upset fans in Red Sox Nation this morning.