Arbitrator Richard Bloch decided that suspension Terrell Owens received was justified and ruled completely in favor of the Eagles.

Arbitrator Richard Bloch wrote in his 38-page decision that there was “no violation of the labor agreement inherent in the club’s decision to pay Mr. Owens, but not to permit him to play or practice due to the nature of his conduct and its destructive and continuing threat to the team.”

Well, good riddance, say I. Maybe next season, Terrell Owens can come back and be in a more positive situation like Keyshawn Johnson did after the Bucanneers deactivated him. My original prediction was way off with what happened, but as it turned out I think the best situation came about. I don’t have him on my fantasy football team, so I have no reason to want him back when he is just going to cause more soap operas.

Terrell Owens needs to be in the spotlight, though. I have no doubt that he will find some way for the cameras to be trained on him again this season despite the fact that he will not be playing. And, because people want to see more of it, the cameras will go.