Unplugged Living, a website about living off of the grid and reducing energy wastage, has an article about bicycle lights that do not require batteries. They are located in the pedal, and they use the kinetic energy of the pedaling motion to charge a capacitor which keeps the lights lit for up to 12 minutes after stopping or freewheeling.

There are three LED lights on each pedal that combined provide 360 degrees of unique visibility. The lights pulsate, with a white one to the front, red to the rear and yellow to the side. If you check out the home page for the Pedalite web site (www.pedalite.com), you’ll see a short flash video that demonstrates how they look.

These are a really great idea. They are a bit pricey at $87 a pair, but I would pick them up in a heart beat but for one small little detail. I use clipless pedals. Oh well; it is still a great idea.