The Oakland Raiders have made like the Giants and dropped Kerry Collins like a hot potato after starting him for a few years.

Oakland have dropped quarterback Kerry Collins and will start back-up Marques Tuiasosopo for the rest of the season. Tuiasosopo, 26, has started only one NFL game, in 2003. He has been with the Raiders for five seasons, completing 28 of 49 passes for 358 yards and no TDs.

I guess that the Raiders were not particularly happy to have a 4 and 8 record after spending so much money on Randy Moss. Collins is apparently none too happy about this development, for which I can’t really blame him. The Raiders are suffering from more than just an innefectual quarterback. They have had some key injuries and have not got the best line for protecting whoever they want throwing or running the ball.

At least LaMont Jordon should get some more carries with the new QB; that’ll help my playoff chances in fantasy football.